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As he took home the ESPY for 2014's Best Fighter, Floyd Mayweather Jr. was finally introduced to a nemesis he didn't even realize he had. Mayweather was quoted earlier this week saying he didn't even know who UFC women's bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey was, but that changed Wednesday night as MMA's queen scored her own ESPY for the year's Best Female Athlete.

I wish her congratulations because I didn't know who she was the other day, Mayweather told Fighthub. I apologize because I didn't know. I'm used to watching football and basketball. I'm not really into boxing like that. When they tell me, 'Floyd, you need to check out a fighter, you need to scout a fighter' I'll say, 'Well, let me see him. We need to sign him.'

Worry not. Mayweather added he and his promotion company are still interested in branching out into representing MMA fighters.

Of course, said Mayweather. Mayweather Promotions, we are the past, present and future of sports entertainment. And yes, we will get involved with other contact sports in the future.

Mayweather and Rousey have shared headlines ever since the latter was asked in a radio interview how she would approach a hypothetical fight with Mayweather. Conceding the boxing edge, Rousey was adamant she'd carry the day if the scrap ever happened on the street. UFC president Dana White has taken every opportunity to carry water for the narrative, adamantly professing Rousey wouldn't just beat Mayweather in a fight, 'she'd hurt him bad.'

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