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Fort Wayne, IN. The Danger Zone organization presented it's second show at Broadripple Place on Sunday. A problem manifested itself when a large number of competitors, for the tournaments, did not make weight. Last minute adjustments had to be made to give the audience a good show and still let the fighters that showed up, fight. The planned three tournaments were cut down to two, 150 LB and below and the Heavyweight. Seven single matches were arranged. Along with the prearranged professional fight at total of 14 fights were on the card for the night.

Fight Night at Broadripple Place

The crowd was larger for this show having heard word of the November 2001 show. The Danger Zone organization has developed a reputation in Fort Wayne for putting on great amateur competitions. Some of the crowd had never seen a MMA competition and wanted to see what all the fuss was about. They weren't disappointed! Every match showed that the fighters were hungry for a win. The collision of fighters in the ring rocked the house and brought the cheers from the crowd to a fever pitch.

The shortest fight of the night was the four second knockout of Chad Hickey by Adam Rivera. Rivera stepped inside of Hickey's kick attempt and landed the knockout punch.

The longest fight was between, the boisterous, Jason Scouten and Dave Dillon. Dillon frustrated Scouten throughout the entire fight. Scouten's superior strength was negated by Dillon's ground skills. Scouten's aggressiveness and position domination gave him the decision.

The main event was a professional bout between Sam Wells, Lansing, MI, and Jerry Hackney, Charleston, WV. This was a very even match. There were strong exchanges of strikes by both fighters. It was a test to see which fighter would make the first mistake. It turned out to be Hackney. Wells was able to lock in a triangle choke in the second round for the win.

A full listing of the results in on our results page.

The Danger Zone's next show will be on April 7 at Broadripple Place. If you are in the area, check out the action, we will.

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