The Good: There is not much good I can say about this fight if I am honest with myself. I do believe that Algieri is showing a lot of guts to take this fight. Fresh off a shocking win over Ruslan Provodnikov, not many young fighters would want to face Manny Pacquiao in their very next fight. So my hat goes off to Algieri for challenging Manny, and challenging himself. I also like the fact that Manny is willing to give an up and comer, like Algieri a shot at his belt. Manny is not making outrageous demands such as; beat Adrien Broner, or beat Andre Berto, or defend your title three times and then you can fight me. Algieri, after all is a champion, and I do believe champions should fight champions no matter how much of a mismatch people think it is.

The Bad: This fight perhaps could be very one sided. Algieri shocked me by beating Provodnikov, but Manny is a completely different fighter. Manny is a lot faster, and a lot better of a boxer than Provodnikov, so I do not think this will be a very competitive contest. This fight is very low risk, and very low reward for Pacquiao. I believe if Manny wins, he actually loses, and if Manny loses, his career will be in jeopardy. If he loses, people will say he got beat by a virtually unknown fighter. If he wins, people will say he cherry picked a virtually unknown fighter. In reality, there is nothing for Manny Pacquiao to gain from this fight. However, if Manny did not take the fight, people would possibly say that Pacquiao is ducking Algieri. As silly as it sounds, it’s a tough position for any fighter to be in.

The Ugly: This fight being on pay per view is what is ugly. In fact, in my opinion, it is one of the worst pay per view fights in the last several years. This fight should be on HBO with another decent fight on the undercard. I cannot comprehend why anyone would want to pay $59.99-$74.99 to see this fight. I cannot comprehend why any promoter would think anyone would want to pay that amount for this fight. I know Pacquiao is a superstar, and a pay per view attraction, but pay per view should be reserved for major attraction fights. This fight is not a major attraction, and it will be interesting to see how the fighters and promoters try to get fans on board. I think the real losers in this fight are boxing fans for having such horrible pay per view fights forced upon them.

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