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Press Release:

1.)Vance McDonald Win by rear naked Choke against against Jon Thompson

2.)Derek Reed Win by strikes in 14 sec against Chris Torres

3.)Josh Mason Win over Rob Copenhaver

4.)Steve Fulton Win by KO over Derek Tamber-One of NHB greatest Knock outs.

5.)Josh Kaine Win against Chad Davis

6.)Matt Shaw Win against Roger Stiner

7.)Bud Lewis Win by Strikes against Chris Maddox

8.)Jason Rigsby Win By heel hook against Phillip Greathouse. Phillips ankle was injured in the bout, J&J Promotions wish's him a fast recovery with the injury.

9.)Vance McDonald Wins by Rear Naked choke against Phillip Jones. Vance gave up 70lbs in a DAVID VS GOLIATH bout.It was also his 2nd bout of the night. Vance is a great athlete and has came along way since his debut bout 2 years ago with us.

10.)SUPER FIGHT-HEAVY WEIGHT TITLE BOUT. Jay Massey defended his heavy weight belt against Brian Van De Valle. It was a very action packed fight, with hard strikes and great reversals from both fighters. Jay had to fight his toughest fight in his career last night. Brian Came for the gold, and was very determined to leave with it. Brian beat Jay by an way of an arm bar. Brian had Jays arm around Jays neck as if he was going to try to choke him out, and out of no where brian got an double leg arm bar on Jays other arm and it was enough to make him tap. Brian is by far one of the most aggressive fighters, that has competed for RING OF HONOR. A THANKS GOES OUT TO BRAIN AS OUR NEW HEAVY WEIGHT CHAMPION.

11.)MAIN EVENT Darrell(BULL DOG) SMITH does it again. This is the 2nd time Chris Myers has fought Darrell Smith and both times they go the distance.They bout went 2-rounds plus and over time. Both fighters have great endurance, stamina & Skill.Both fighters could have went another 2-rounds and still had enough strength and endurance to fight again. Both fighters threw heavy strikes and kicks and both fighters are like machines.-Darrell Smith broke his foot kicking Chris in the 2nd round and still continued on. He did not tell his corner or anyone else what had happened until after the bout was over. Chris had a big gash above his eye and still continued to fight. These 2-fighters have such a high pain tolerance that almost nothing will make them tap or submit.They both have allot of PRIDE,DIGNITY, and HONOR, We congratulate both of them for this. Darrell won the bout by Judges decision at the end of the over time.

RING OF HONOR thanks all the fighters who competed at this event and look forward to having all of them coming back and competing in the future. Congratulations to all the fighters who won their bouts and We want to welcome our New Heavy Weight Champion- Brian Van De Valle on his victory, and everyone can not wait to see who his next opponent is going to be.

Thank you, Jeremy Evans

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