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Day two of the four-day, five-city cross-country press tour to officially announce the September 13 PPV rematch between Floyd “Money” Mayweather and Marcos “El Chino” Maidana will feature stops in Chicago and San Antonio. These events are open to the public.

Yesterday the fighters hit New York City, and after a long delay, finally made a late night appearance in Washington DC.

Here are some additional comments from both fighters.

Floyd Mayweather: “Is Maidana a better fighter than Canelo? No. Cotto? No. He’s just a dirtier fighter. I didn’t get a deep gash from a punch; I got it from a head butt…First they [Team Maidana] want to use gloves with no padding, and then they want to use knees, elbows and everything else. My back is always against the wall with Team Maidana.”

Marcos Maidana: “I fight dirty? He’s the king of the elbows.”

Mayweather pushed Maidana to bet his purse if he’s so confident of victory. Maidana responded that he’ll bet “whatever” but asked whether Floyd will let him use his gloves. Before their first fight, Mayweather reportedly paid Maidana an extra $1.5 million to switch to a different model.

Additional information on today’s press stops:

Auditorium Theatre, Chicago, IL (50 E Congress Pkwy)

Fan Arrival Time: 11 a.m. CT

Press Conference Begins: 12 p.m. CT

Six Flags Fiesta Texas – Lone Star Lil’s Amphitheater, San Antonio, TX

Fan Arrival Time: 6 p.m. CT

Press Conference Begins: 7 p.m. CT


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