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Prior to her blistering 16-second TKO win over Alexis Davis at UFC 175, UFC women's bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey sat down with the Hollywood Reporter to lay out her plan on becoming a true female action star.

I never thought that being an action movie star was in the cards for me, said Rousey. My agent, [WME's] Brad Slater, kept telling me, You're going to be the female Rock. Then I started to believe it could be a reality. I don't half-ass anything. If I'm going to do something, I'm going to do it to be the best in the world at it. A lot of actresses appear in action movies, but there aren't any female action stars. I love Angelina Jolie, but ... it's about believability for me. Milla Jovovich is one of my favorite actresses -- The Fifth Element really opened my eyes, and the Resident Evil franchise was amazing. So definitely a mix of Milla Jovovich and The Rock is what I'm going for. People love chick fights. They love tough, empowered women. And there is a demand. People just don't know it.

With roles in Expendables 3, Fast Furious 7 and Entourage, Rousey could be on a collision course with another fighter turned actress. UFC president Dana White has made it clear he intends on bringing former star Gina Carano back into the fight game to book the biggest women's MMA bout in history against Rousey.

Rousey underwent a knee scope Tuesday, but also suffered a broken a thumb in her bout on Jul. 5 against Davis. According to Rousey, neither injury would hinder a year-end bout with Carano if the fight could be booked.


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