Round 1: Well, this is expected to be a wild we go. Dan Miragliotta is the ref. They touch gloves, and Cerrone comes in swinging. He catches Miller with a knee to the body right off, but Miller shakes it off. Very nice left hand counter from Miller lands, and he wheels out. Leg kick and nice combo from Miller, connecting on a right and a left. Now When Cerrone tries to land a knee, Miller charges forward and posts him on fence. He keeps him there, and on break drops an elbow on his temple. At center, Cerrone tries a knee and Miller drops him with a big good shot! Wow. He jumps on, but Cerrone recovers and is back up. Mller bringing the fight. Big right hand from Miller as an isolation shot. A red mark on Cerrone's body begins to show. He comes up high on Miller with a kick, but it's blocked for the most part. Still plenty of spring there. As Cerrone moves in, Miller ties him up and wrestles him to the fence. He's landing knees to the thighs right now. And he swings Cerrone over, dumps him to the canvas momentarily, but Cerrone back up. A chant of MILLER breaks out. Leg kick into a spinning backfist from Miller, both errant. Now Cerrone comes forward throwing, and he might have caught Miller with the second shot. Cerrone now presses, takes Miller to fence. They tussle there, but Miller able to spin free. Huge right hand counter just as Cerrone comes in from Miller; he's been cracking him with those counters all round, punishing his aggression. MMA Fighting scores R1 for Miller, 10-9.

Round 2: Jumping right hand from Miller, and again Cerrone off balance. Cerrone comes up top with a kick, and Miller took some of that foot to the head. Good combo into leg kick from Miller, and Cerrone charges in and got Miller low with a kick. To the groin. Miller takes a minute while Miragliotta clears Cerrone. But he's back. Tough dude. They exchange kicks, and both absorb them. Quick though of takedown from Miller, but he lets it go. Cerrone throwing kicks, one, then another. To the body. Now he comes up top with a right hand. Another kick, and Miller catches it and spins Cerrone off. They circle back around the cage. Cerrone might have hurt Miller with a kick, and as he comes forward Miller tries to unload. Crazy action. Miller seems okay. They wheel. Cerrone now coming to life, pressuring. It's Miller trying to find something now. Miller seems to be favoring his body just a little bit. Cerrone closes in, and Miller clocks him with a right. Now Cerrone unleashes a huge head kick with his right foot, and Miller crumbles on fence! Cerrone comes in and it's over! Miragliotta calls him off. Cerrone scores a crazy knockout, headkick to Miller just behind the left ear, and Miller just back-pedaled into fence. He was stunned pretty good. No controversy on the stoppage.

UFC Fight Night 45 official results: Donald Cerrone def. Jim Miller via KO (kick) at 3:31 or R2

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