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Although Freddie Roach and his new trainee Miguel Cotto are interested for a rematch, they prefer that Mayweather-Pacquiao saga would come to an end since the world is impatiently waiting for them. That is the fight that everyone loves to watch; therefore, expect for the boycott in the rematch between Mayweather and Maidana.

However, the biggest fight is not going to happen this year since Mayweather and Pacquiao have different opponents to face in their boxing careers. It is clear tha Mayweather’s camp wants to negotiate now to Pacquiao’s Top Rank promoter Bob Arum since there are no credible boxers would make 2 million buys. Indeed, it seems odd because the world had asked this super-fight a few years ago. I think it is less appealing now to the boxing fans around the world. I don’t know if they will still believe in this hype.

According to some reports, Mayweather now realizes that Pacquiao is going to leave boxing and is going to different direction, as he plans to run for senator or vice-president in his country. I guess the American boxer ponders how many millions of US dollars he’s going to lose if the mega-fight will not come to fruition. He now softens his stance about the possibility of the fight. Perhaps, he now feels that his legacy is not complete if he doesn’t fight Pacquiao.

There is one fight for Mayweather Junior in order for him to secure his legacy and retire in the sweet science. He will not be called as the greatest fighter in this era if he will continue to hide. A fight against pacquiao is a win-win situation, but he is not sure whether he will prevail or go home with a loss.

I have been following Mayweather’s career over the years and I would say he was genius to defeat his former opponents. I know he fought tough rivals in the past and schooled them like amateur boxers. I would agree for that. However, I don’t think he had faced someone like Pacquiao. I don’t think it is easy to beat the toughness of the Filipino congressman.

It is true that he easily defeated Marquez in their last meeting. But even Marquez had admitted before that Pacquiao was like a beast who delivered many lethal punches in different angles. Just imagine how Pacquiao would perform against Mayweather if ever they meet in the ring. I believe this is one of the reasons why Marquez is now avoiding Pacquiao because he is not sure whether he can still beat Pacquiao by knockout.

Top Rank Promoter Bob Arum had already offered Marquez several times a great deal of money, but the Mexican fighter did not want to fight Pacquiao. For him, his business for Pacquiao is over. Marquez wants his fans to remember him as the second fighter who defeated Pacquiao by knockout. I don’t think it is the best move for the Mexican warrior. Where is the word of COURAGE there if he avoids Pacquiao for a fifth bout?

Mayweather and Marquez need to fight Pacquiao. It is plain and simple. The Filipino boxing icon is ready anytime, anywhere. Let’s forget about the money. Let’s talk about a true legacy. I think they need Pacquiao as much as Pacquiao needs them. I don’t think Mayweather’s legacy is safe if he continues to avoid the Filipino boxing champ. This is the same with Marquez. He needs to fight Pacquiao for a fifth time since most fight fans believe that it was a ‘lucky punch’ that beat Pacquiao. I guess these two veteran boxers would make a very interesting competition for Pacquiao. Let’s make this happen!

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