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Round 1: Keith Peterson is the ref. They touch them up. Dunham moves in, and Barao clobbers him to the body with a big right hand. Dunham is circling. Barboza stalks in, and lands a nice right. He's sort of wading forward, but patiently. Waiting for Dunham tom come in. Sure enough, Dunham comes flying in on cue, trying to take Barboza down. They slam into fence, but Barboza is resilient, and bounces off. Dunham back to circling. Very poised stuff from Barboza, who is letting the fight unfold. Dunham is the aggressor, though, and he's trying to find that opening. He comes in with a combo, but the fleet-a-foot Barboza scoots out. Huge body shot from Barboza sends a moan through the crowd, and Dunham folds! He's on fence clutching his stomach, and Barboza pounces! A couple of quick follow-ups and it's over! Wow. One explosive kick from the Brazilian Barboza, with his right leg -- it almost looked like it grazed Dunham -- and it's over. That was unique.

UFC Fight Night 45 official results: Edson Barboza def. Evan Dunham via TKO (strikes) at 3:06 of R1

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