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By Rick Morrison

We are now into the second week after the disasters in New York and Washington and of the heroic acts of the passengers that brought down the plane in Pennsylvania. The initial shock is starting to wear off but the intensity of my emotions burn as brightly as a star going nova.

Like many other Americans I was busy on my paying job when I heard about what happened in New York City. At first, I thought it was a horrible accident that should never have happened. Then came the reports of the second plane and the crash at the Pentagon. My heart started to race, knowing that we were under attack. I worried about where the President was and how vulnerable he might be.

My thoughts and prayers were with people that were forced to experience the horrible events of that day. I could not even begin to imagine what they were going through. All I knew was that I felt sick and mad as hell!

I travel the Midwest area as a truck driver. I have the opportunity to enjoy our beautiful country and meet large amount of people from many very different walks of life. On the day of the attack, I talked with many people that had the same feelings I did. It didn't matter who they were, they all had an inderlying rage about what had happened.

The rage has started to subside. It has been replaced with a grim determination to see that the low life, gutter crawling slime behind the attack pay dearly. Every day, I see and hear of that same determination from people all over the world. The world has embraced our determination and joined with us in the condemnation of the attacks. The attacks, while occurring in the United States, were against all the civilized peoples of the world.

The United States will lead the campaign to eradicate the pestilence that is taros. The terrorists solidified the determination and resolve of the strongest nation in the world. Oh, we may argue and debate issues but against terrorism we are united. Japan found out that they had awakened a sleeping giant in 1941.

The attacks, by terrorists on September 11, were the worst the United States has ever experienced. We have been wounded deeply but already we are recovering. It is time to serve notice to all:

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