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The World Boxing Council and the Nevada Community Foundation have announced a historic agreement between the WBC and Telmex Foundation. Under the agreement, Telmex will provide a $150,000 sponsorship to the Jose Sulaiman Boxers Fund. Telmex will deposit the sponsorship moneys directly with the Nevada Community Foundation. Telmex’s sponsorship arose from an agreement with the WBC under which referees officiating WBC-sanctioned events and corresponding undercard fights will wear the WBC uniform, which includes the logo of Telmex Foundation.

Throughout its history, Telmex’s continued support of many worthy endeavors, has transcended its commercial brand quality to become a true leader of many important charitable causes. For example, through Carlos Slim’s efforts and commitment, Telmex pioneered a program called Ring Telmex. That program provides monthly support to 25 fighters, as well as a lifetime pension and medical expenses to 27 former boxing champions.

The Jose Sulaiman Boxers Fund,, which was Don Jose’s life-long dream, was created with seed money from the 2012 memorable Night Of Champions, where the WBC and the Swiss luxury watchmaker Hublot raised one million dollars. The Fund is currently beginning its second year of grants through the Nevada Community Foundation’s administration.

The WBC, the NCF and Telmex Foundation will deeply appreciate the support from all boxing commissions and federations, as well as promoters and ring officials to have this historic project become a great success.

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