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RACINE, WI--Less than twenty four hours after his battle with Chris Lytle, just outside of St. Louis, Dave Strasser played host to the Freestyle Combat Challenge held at Memorial Hall. Fighting the torrential rains, fighters and fans alike migrated toward the hall securely anchored on the Lake Michigan coast.

The intensity of the fighters was contagious. Screaming and cheering, the crowd seemed to become part of the matches held within the squared circle. Like an extra corner man, the audience shouted encouragement and suggestions throughout the entire event.

In the fourth fight of the evening, fighters, Adam Palmer and Dan Hart, had a war reminiscent of the old bare-knuckle fights. Neither fighter giving any quarter nor expecting any. With only minor cuts and abrasions that spread a small amount of blood a long way, the intensity was maintained from start to finish. The fight ended with a split decision giving Dan Hart the win.

Veterans, Matt Hughes and Adrian Serrano showed why they are considered champions by dominating their matches. Matt Hughes dominated in his fight against Bruce Nelson and brought the fight to an end with strikes for the tap. Adrian, confronted with a much stronger opponent in Jason Allar, was forced to rely on his grappling expertise to get Jason's back and dominate from there with strikes.

Though lacking polish, Freestyle Combat Championships showed all the ear marks of a well run show. The polish, in this instant, was not necessary. It would have only gotten in the way of this very intense competition.

Mixed martial arts competitions continue to increase in quality in the midwest. FreeStyle Combat Championships is one of the premier events in Southern Wisconsin. It should be on everyone's list of must see events.

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