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We are live inside the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Albuquerque, New Mexico for King of the Cage “Rumble”. Stay tuned to this post and keep refreshing the page throughout the night to get your fight results and updates. The main event of the evening will be two-fold as their will be two featured bouts. Aaron Perls and Dorian Dixon will make their professional debuts in the 155-pound division and Judgement MMA’s John Rozema makes his pro debut against Colorado’s David Payne.

Plus … a stacked undercard!

“Rumble” Official Weigh-In Results:

Main Event:

John Rozema defeats David Payne via TKO (Round 2)

Co-Main Event:

Aaron Perls defeats Dorian Dixon via Submission – Round 2


KOTC Amateur Title: (C) Robert Herrera defeats Mark McGlasson via Submission - Round 2

Charles Williams defeats Andrew Vargas via Decision – Unanimous

Cristobal Chavez defeats Thomas Mills via TKO – Round 1

Joel Whitney defeats Joseph Veloz via TKO – Round 1

Elias Proce defeats Eric Kapp via TKO – Round 1

Mike Taff defeats Marcos Mendoza via TKO - Round 2

Andy Varela defeats Sipu Zenga via Submission – Round 1

Brianna Padilla defeats Melody Nanez - Decision

Gerald Aldaco defeats Victor Masayesva via TKO – Round 1

Andy Salas defeats Patrick Salazar via Submission - Round 2

Carlo Rodriguez defeats Gary Taylor via KO – Round 1

Jeremy Alba defeats Bruce Lee Romero via TKO – Round 3

Nate Armstrong defeats Joe Cardoza via TKO - Round 1

Ronald Smith defeats Lamar Seabrooks via Submission – Round 1

Seth Leake defeats Richard Gonzales via TKO – Round 1

Fight Recaps:

Jeremy Alba vs. Bruce Romero

Round 1 – Alba would close the distance with front kicks to the body before Romero attempted to get a takedown. The two exchanged in the clinch with both fighters looking to get good position. Romero seemed to muscle Alba more definitely as he kept position for a good 30-seconds. Alba reversed and landed a knee and now he swarmed him. He is landing some solid strikes while Romero retreats. Romero shoots but Alba gets the guillotine choke. HE escapes and forces a stalemate for the referee to put them back to striking range. Romero catches a right hand over the top on Alba’s chin and follows with a left and  barrage of punches. End of round, close but that should be Romero 10-9.

Round 2 – Alba swarms to start the round and Romero defends and retreats. Alba is all over Romero but Romero covering up is keeping him out of danger. Alba has reach and he is using it well. Leg kick lands for Romero and he lunges in. Alba gets a front kick caught and Romero has him up against the fence. Alba reversed and puts Romero on the cage landing knees to the leg but Romero shoots in on a double leg. He gets it! Round ending and Romero ends on top, but I think Alba did enough to win the round 10-9.

Round 3 – Right straight lands for Romero that stuns Alba but Alba fires back and DROPS Romero with his own straight right. Romero gets his legs back and presses Alba onto the fence. Alba reveres a takedown and gets to the mount where he starts to land HUGE elbows on Romero. He is pouring it on here… it is all over!! The referee steps in to save Romero as Alba was raining down huge shots! Impressive stoppage for Alba!

Jeremy Alba defeats Bruce Lee Romero via TKO (Strikes) 1:26 – Round 3

Gary Taylor vs. Carlo Rodriguez

Round 1 – The 18-year old Rodriguez starts off quick with punches until Taylor presses the fight to the cage. They separate. Rodriguez comes forward with straight punches until a left hook lands and puts Taylor’s chin straight into the air. Knockout victory for Rodriguez who landed a shot that put Taylor out flat on his back! One punch KO! What a debut!

Carlo Rodriguez defeats Gary Taylor via KO (Punch) 0:56 Round 1

Andy Salas vs. Patrick Salazar

Round 1 – Both fighters miss kicks and Salazar shoots but Salas stuff. After an exchange, Salazar gets the takedown. Salas sneaks in a triangle choke but it is loose. He cuts the angle but Salazar is defending well. Now it is deep and Salas goes belly down on it but Salazar scrambles out. Salazar has Salas up against the fence now but they separate. Salas lands a leg kick. Left hand drops Salazar! Salazar recovers into a takedown but Salas stuffs it. Salazar is stuck underneath Salas looking for a single. Round ends, that one should be Salas 10-9 for the submission and knockdown.

Round 2 – Salas starts swarming and lands some clean strikes that rattle Salazar but Salazar catches a counter. Salas gets the clinch and is looking to land inside. Knees to the body land clean. Salas is all over him here. Salazar shoots but Salas stops it easy and sprawls into top position. Salas takes the back and gets the rear naked choke!

Andy Salas defeats Patrick Salazar via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) Round 2 – 1:08

Gerald Aldaco vs. Victor Masayesva

Round 1 – Masyesva catches a kick and takes Aldaco down and now works from top position. Aldaco rolling on an arm and he gets the armbar setup nicely. Switches to a triangle choke. Masayesva looks to punch out but it is locked up tight. Aldaco puts the squeeze on. Aldaco rolls him over and lets the choke go in favor of side control. Slick grappling from Aldaco. Ground and pound now peppering up Masayesva. Mount for Aldaco and he is raining down strikes. The ref stops it right before the bell! Slick grappling was the theme in that one.

Gerald Aldaco defeats Victor Masayesva via TKO (Strikes) Round 1 – 2:58

Joe Cardoza vs. Nate Armstrong

Round 1 – Cardoza eats a leg kick and lands a big right hand. He shoots and Armstrong grabs the whizzer and gets the fight to the ground. Now Armstrong moves to mount. Now to the back and Armstrong is looking to land some punches and he is landing clean. Armstrong is strong from this position. Flattened out and Armstrong is teeing off and the referee has no choice but to step in and stop the fight. Dominant stuff from Armstrong.

Nate Armstrong defeats Joe Cardoza via TKO (Strikes) Round 1

Brianna Padilla vs. Melody Nanez

Round 1 – Leg kick lands or Padilla and the next one Nanez catches. Nanez catches another but eats a hook for her troubles. Padilla lands an inside kick and a left hand inside. A combination barely misses and now the two ladies are throwing caution to the wind as they wing punches. Nanez catches a power shot and Padilla keeps firing away. Padilla presses Nanez on the fence and lands knees to the leg. They separate. Intense! Round ending and Padilla finds a home for a two punch combo! They continue to exchange after the bell! Exciting first round that goes to Padilla 10-9.

Round 2 – Leg kick drops Nanez as she comes in and they return to standing quick. Nanez lands a jab. Spinning back fist nearly lands for Nanez. Padilla is just short on her punches but a leg kick lands. Jabs land for both. Huge overhand from Padilla misses. Round coming to an end and Padilla drops Nanez with a leg kick as the round ends. Padilla 10-9.

Round 3 – Nanez catches two kicks in a row and with the last one takes Padilla down but Padilla gets up with ill intent as she starts throwing bombs at Nanez. Now Padilla has Nanez pressed on the fence where she is throwing knees. Right hand lands for Nanez. Leg kick and front kick land for Padilla but there answered by a charging Nanez who lands a straight right. Leg kick for Padilla. Nanez catches Padilla in a wild exchange but they both land in the flurry. Padilla has Nanez pressed into the fence once again. This round caught up with the pace of the first round. 10 seconds…. Round ends with Padilla pressing Nanez on the fence. Should be Padilla 10-9 for the clean sweep

Brianna Padilla defeats Melody Nanez via Judge’s Decision (Unanimous 30-27 x3)

Lamar Seabrooks vs. Ronald Smith

Round 1 – Smith lands a right hand and in an exchange ends up with a takedown. Smith working from open guard. He takes the back in a scramble and throws Seabrooks down to his back and flattens him out. He sinks in the choke! Quick and dominant stuff from Smith!

Ronald Smith defeats Lamar Seabrooks via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) Round 1 – 1:06

Eric Kapp vs. Elias Proce

Round 1 – Proce charges in and Kapp looks to duck under but Proce gets on top and gets the mount QUICK! Pours it on and that is all she wrote folks! Proce with the quick finish!

Elias Proce defeats Eric Kapp via TKO (Strikes) Round 1 – 0:28

Richard Gonzales vs. Seth Leake

Round 1 -  Two punches land for Leake and Gonzales goes down. Leake switches to side control and  starts raining down the strikes. The referee steps in as Leake was too much, too quick and Gonzales couldn’t get his bearings after the knockdown.

Seth Leake defeats Richard Gonzales via TKO (Strikes) Round 1 – 0:29

Joel Whitney vs. Joseph Veloz

Round 1 – Whitney lands a flush right hand and then a hook. They exchange kicks and Whitney dives in and gets a takedown. Whitney works from the full guard. Veloz has an arm trapped and is staying active with sweep setups. Whitney lands punches to the body. Whitney postures up and starts raining down some huge hammerfists. He lands solid about ten straight hammerfists and the referee stops it!

Joel Whitney defeats Joseph Veloz via TKO (Strikes) 1:21

Mike Taff vs. Marcos Mendoza

Round 1 – Taff lands a right but Mendoza ducks under and grabs the body lock. They exchange knees. Mendoza catches a single leg and rides through with it. Taff fights valiantly but Mendoza gets the takedown after running the pipe. Mendoza looks to mount and for a moment does. He is landing some brutal stuff here. Side control now for Mendoza. Knee on belly to mount transition and Mendoza starts raining down the punches. Mendoza tries for a rear naked without hooks and he lets go to throw more leather. The round ends with Mendoza raining down the strikes. Possible 10-8 for Mendoza.

Round 2 – Taff lands a nasty leg kick that buckles Mendoza and Mendoza shoots but Taff sprawls. Mendoza is deep on a single leg along the fence but he is definitely recovering from that kick to the leg that had him hurt. There back to standing. Right hand drops Mendoza and Taff immediately jumps to mount and gets the TKO finish! Wow, that was a comeback!

Mike Taff defeats Marcos Mendoza via TKO (Strikes) Round 2 - 1:17

Andy Varela vs. Sipu Zenga (sp?) The Manimal

Round 1 - Flying knee from Varela and Zenga gets slammed HARD by Varela. Varela tees off with knees. Zenga is in bad shape. There back up now. Varela has Zenga up on the fence and takes him back down. Zenga working from his open-half guard. Varela mounts. Varela gets the arm bar but Zenga toughs out but ends up in a triangle. Varela gets the tap!  A wild, WILD fight.

Andy Varela defeats Sipu Zenga via Submission (Triangle Choke) Round 1 – 1:34

Thomas Mills vs. Cristobal Chavez

Round 1 – Chavez shoots immediately and Mills uses the cage to stand up. Chavez is landing HUGE ground and pound… elbows, punches and hammerfists. They are landing hard! The referee stops it!

Cristobal Chavez defeats Thomas Mills via TKO (Strikes) Round 1

Charles Williams vs. Andrew Vargas

Round 1 – Williams whips three leg kicks and Vargas closes the distance to put Williams on the fence. Vargas gets a single leg and drags Williams down to the mat. Williams reverses and gets top positions and immediately begins to land punches from the top position. Vargas uses the fence to get to his feet but Williams fits in a knee as they disengage. Vargas back on a low single leg and Williams reverses. They clinch and Vargas gets a takedown. Williams sweeps! Williams tries to step over the legs to mount but Vargas recovers. Williams gets to mount! He starts throwing! Round ending and that will be a Williams 10-9 round.

Round 2 – Williams grabs a clinch and blasts a knee through and now a right hook lands. Inside leg kick lands for Vargas. Williams powers through on a takedown and starts pouring it down on Vargas. Vargas tries to escape but Williams is all over him. Williams lands solid., Vargas gives up his back and … scrambles to get top position! Williams has his back against the fence now. Williams is up! Vargas is deep on a single and goes for the takedown but Williams falls back and uses momentum to sweep! Williams in the mount. Williams is landing clean from the mount. Vargas fights back for halfguard. The round ends and Williams gets that one 10-9.

Round 3 – Leg kick from Williams. Left hook lands for Williams. Knees from the clinch for Williams and now to the body lock. Trip takedown for Williams and he works from an open half-guard. Williams working methodically in side control with short elbows. More punches from Williams keeping his offense active to hold position. Short elbows. A methodical beatdown here from Williams. Round ending and that was a clear 10-9 for Williams and should be a clean sweep on the cards.

Charlie Williams defeats Andrew Vargas via Judge’s Decision (Unanimous 30-27 x2, 30-26)

(C) Robert Herrera vs. Mark McGlasson – King of the Cage Amateur Title Fight

Round 1 – McGlasson throws a front kick and Herrera catches it and kick McGlasson down. Herrera working from top position and mounts McGlasson. McGlasson is locking up posture. Herrera gets space and lands some strikes. After some posturing from both fighters, Herrera gets more space to open up. Nice short elbow lands. McGlasson gets back to a half guard, tries to buck and nearly gets on top but Herrera has a very solid base. Back to mount for Herrera. That was arguably a 10-8 round for Herrera.

Round 2 – McGlasson runs Herrera down and throws a kick. For his troubles, Herrera picks him up high over his head and slams him down hard into the mat. Working from the full guard now, Herrera passes slickly to a half guard position. McGlasson looks to go into a deep half guard but Herrera shuts it down and now he moves to mount. Short elbows land and McGlasson is holding on to keep down the  posture of Herrera. Herrera is in side control now and McGlasson uses the fence to buck Herrera off but just for a moment as Herrera is all over him. He takes the back and gets his hooks locked in. Herrera gets the tap! Another impressive performance from the Champ!

Robert Herrera defeats Mark McGlasson via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) Round 2 - 2:21 Herrera retains the King of the Cage Amateur 135-Pound Title

Aaron Perls vs. Dorian Dixon

Round 1 – Jab from Dixon. Another and a leg kick. Dixon drops Perls with a left but Perls is right back up. They trade and Perls finds a home for his punches. Now to the clinch where Perls is working a single but Dixon is looking to snatch up the neck for a guillotine. Perls switches to a double leg but Dixon gets heavy preventing it. Elbows from Dixon to the body of Perls looks like they sting. Perls gets the trip takedown and now he works from full guard. Short punches from Perls and Dixon looks like he wants to sweep or escape the ground. Clean stand up from the referee. Jab from Dixon. Slip on a kick from Perls leads to a huge knee from Dixon and ANOTHER! Perls goes down but he is up. Dixon with some loud foot stomps. Back to standing. Perls charges in for a takedown and eats a huge punch from Dixon that stuns him. A head kick barely misses from Dixon. Perls gets the body lock but Dixon gets the feet tangled to get his own takedown. They are back up. Perls charges in and Dixon presses the action the fence. 10 second warning. Very exciting round, close but should be a Dixon 10-9 round.

Round 2 – Body kick from Perls lands and he misses running in with an overhand. Flying knee to the body from Dixon. And they clinch with Perls getting the trip takedown. Perls in top position inside the half guard. Dixon has the right arm locked up preventing posture. And the left leg trapped preventing the pass to side control. Perls in the mount raining down strikes but none land clean. Dixon is in trouble here. Perls jumps into an arm triangle and Dixon gives the thumbs up. Dixon taps! Come from behind victory for Perls!

Aaron Perls defeats Dorian Dixon via Submission (Arm Triangle) Round 2 – 2:42

Main Event: John Rozema vs. David Payne

Round 1 – Inside leg kick lands for Rozema. Two punch combo misses. Leg kick from Payne. Payne dops his hands taunting. Rozema answers with the thai clinch and knees. Front kick for Rozema. Head kick misses for Rozema and Payne catches a right hook on Rozema’s chin. Some clinch work from both men. The collar tie for Rozema and Payne is working for the takedown. Rozema uses the cage to stay up and the referee stops the action to issue a warning. More bullying inside the clinch from Payne. Knee inside for Rozema lands. Straight right and left hook lands for Rozema and Payne gets the takedown but Rozema pops right back up. Payne back into pressing the action into the fence. Left hand lands for Payne. Payne hunting a single leg. Gets it and Rozema pops back up. Rozema now pushing his weight onto Payne on the fence. Back to that Thai Plum but Rozema can not get the space to throw knees. Uppercuts and hooks land in a flurry for Rozema. Payne back to the clinch. Body lock for Payne but Rozema gets the advantage in the clinch but reversed again for Payne. Round ends, close … very close round. Maybe even 10-10, but it may be Payne 10-9 for controlling the action. Rozema did land more significant shots.

Round 2 – Leg kick whips in twice for Payne. Head kick blocked by Payne. Another misses and Payne lands a flurry. Rozema gets the clinch along the fence and he is looking to land. That Muay Thai Plum seems to work for control but he hasn’t had the space to land anything powerful. Payne reverses. Referee breaks the clinch. Both fighters land hard, Rozema may have gotten his left hook in harder. Knee lands for Payne. Back to standing. Jab for Payne lands. Front kick now. Left hook from Rozema lands. A flurry from Rozema back pedals Payne. Payne tries to power a single from a knee catch but Rozema starts unleashing some elbows inside the clinch to the head of Payne. Rozema flurries again and now he lands some knees from that Muay Thai clinch! A barrage! Payne goes down! but he catches a leg to try and survive with a single. Payne picks Rozema up and slams! But Rozema is up throwing leather once again! Now Rozema is on top of a turtled Payne. He throws some more power strikes on a grounded Payne and the referee stops it!

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