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The Danger Zone has found a consistent location for their amateur tournaments. Broadripple Place has hosted the event three times now. Each show growing in crowd size and enthusiasm.

The amateur fighters that have showed up are hungry for an win. They showed absolutely no lack of enthusiasm or willingness to go all out in pursuit of a victory. This edition of "Fight Night at Broadripple Place" presented the crowd with different abilities and characters of fighters.

The largest tournament for the night was the 135 LB - 150 LB class.

Truc Nguyen was not ready for John Fraser's attack. The ref stopped the fight for no defense 38 seconds into the first round. A stunned Nguyen was lead back to his corner.

Saving energy, John Fraser took out Dustin Blaskie in 39 seconds by locking in a triangle choke.

Mike Rooney had the shortest fight of the night. He locked in a triangle choke when Mike Miller shot in and didn't protect his head.

The final had Rooney jumping up to get Fraser's back to attempt a rear choke. Fraser worked out of it to attempt an armbar of his own. Rooney escaped the armbar. A reverse by Fraser ended in Rooney getting a triangle lock for the tap.
The 190 LB - 210 LB tournament had only three combatants.
Tyson Wells and Aaron Miller had a slugfest going. The ground work was slow and was stood up more that once. Wells got a guillotine choke on Miller while on the ground and held on for the tap.

Joel Blanton fought Layne McDaniels for the heavyweight final when Wells couldn't answer the bell. McDaniels took the fight at the last minute to give Blanton some competition for the trophy. It was McDaniels second fight of the night. Blanton was able to overpower McDaniels and lay in a choke from side control.

There were five single amateur matches.

Kurt Illeman won his fight against Kory Kildurn when he landed a kick to the head that stunned and dropped Kildurn. He followed up the kick with punches until the ref stopped the fight declaring a TKO.

Layne McDaniels had a hard time escaping the guillotine choke that Steve McCabe seem to have locked in tight but, escape he did. Taking the fight to the ground McDaniels worked from McCabe's guard to side mount then turning McCabe and getting his back. Clamping in the Rear Choke was just a routine matter.

Dan Lamping immediately took his fight with Chris Herring to the ground putting Herring in his guard. After being stood up, Lamping got in two good strikes that had Herring stunned enough for the ref to stop the fight.

A strong punch by Robert Bridges totally stunned Dave Morris but he was able to recover before Bridges could close. Bridges continued his striking offense but it looked better than it actually was. At the end, Bridges went wide with a punch that left his arm exposed and that was all Morris needed. The armbar was locked in immediately for the tap.

A prediction by Nathan McCabe of a quick knockout was soon forgotten when he met up with Dave Dillon. McCabe had quick hands that did land some good strikes but Dillon was able to continue to close with McCabe. On the ground, McCabe continued his striking but not landing very many of his blows. Dillon showed patience trying different submission attempts that McCabe powered out of easily at the beginning. As time went by, it took longer and more effort for McCabe to get out of the submission attempts. McCabe's constant barrage of strikes eventually took their toll on Dillon when finally in the second round a bleeding broken nose forced the ref to stop the fight and the doctor confirmed that the fight was over. This was, in our opinion, the best fight of the night.

The main event was a pro matchup pitting Dan Swift, Erie, PA, against Josh Mason, Peru, IN. Swift was the aggressor in this fight. Mason came out flat and stayed that way. The energetic aggression that we have come to expect out of Mason was not there at all. Mason, trying to get away from Swift's strikes, gave Swift the opportunity for an armbar and he locked it in for the win.

Although the show in Fort Wayne is a relatively small one, the Danger Zone staff still works it like a large venue show. Planning for almost all contingencies, DZ puts on a great show that the crowds enjoy and return to. The next show is planned for June 2, 2002. If you are in the area, stop by and watch some great amateur fighters.

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