Right now there are three PPV attractions in boxing and they are Manny Pacquiao, Saul “Canelo’ Alvarez and Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. They all campaign around the same weight 145 - 154 officially (wink, wink). They all mostly fight on the U.S.A. west coast. And they all have either defeated or think they can defeat Miguel Cotto.

Why is Cotto a Golden Goose? Miguel’s body structure is better suited for Junior Middleweight so he is a small man reigning over a larger man’s division. He has an ethnic fan base on the U.S.A. east coast (New York City). His ethnicity has a ethic holiday that is traditionally capped off with a boxing match (Puerto Rican Day). He has a golden strap around his waist (WBC and Ring middleweight belts).

Manny Pacquiao: Pros-Manny’s fans are some of the most loyal win or lose and they are willing to following him where ever he fights. Manny defeated Miguel via referee stoppage in the 12th rd of their 2009 fight. Many attributed Cotto’s loss to several factors. Cotto who was the champion @147 agreed to come in @145. Cotto also had issues with his trainer and used a friend with no head trainer experience. A lot of people would like to see if Manny could do it again at a higher weight and Cotto at full strength. CONS - This fight is highly unlikely because of Freddie Roach. He now trains both men. Also Cotto has more bargaining power and Pacquiao is unlikely to give up that much weight/advantage to Cotto.

Saul “Canelo” Alvarez - PROS - He is the most logical choice. This would be another Mexico vs Puerto Rico classic promotion. Their styles are similar and would make for toe to toe action. This fight would be a promotional blockbuster to both the English and Spanish speaking communities. CONS - Canelo currently has trouble making weight @154. He normally re-hydrates to 170 lbs. Canelo’s would easily make 160 then re-hydrate to 175. Freddie Roach and Bob Arum are now in Cotto’s corner and will never allow this to happen. They will probably demand a re-hydration clause to keep Canelo below 165. Golden Boy most likely is not willing to send Canelo into enemy territory on Puerto Rican Day and Roach and Arum will not send Cotto, the champion, into enemy territory on Cinco De Mayo. Whom ever gives in to the others demands will be at a great disadvantage.

Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. PROS - The time line of recent events all point to a rematch in 2015. First, Cotto won the title. Then Mayweather announced he has a big surprise for 2015. Next Canelo announced he wants to fight on the Mexican holidays in 2015 that are normally reserved for Mayweather. Mayweather petitions and is granted a New York state promoters license. Talk of Alvarez vs. Cotto in December fades and Bradley’s name is mentioned.Cotto came close last time but Floyd found a way. Floyd clearly have trouble with guys who weigh in @154. Cotto will probably agree to 156 or 157 because he is unlikely to weigh over 156 himself. Floyd wants and needs that middleweight title for his legacy. A lot of people are willing to pay to see Floyd lose regardless the opponent. Canelo’s growing popularity could challenge Floyd for the Mexican Holidays slot so why not travel to NYC on Puerto Rican Day. Throw in Danny Garcia and Adrien Broner on the undercard and you have a PPV goldmine. CONS - NONE.

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