RSF Packs Them In


BELLEVILLE, IL–There are times that, despite a multitude of small short comings, the big event is a huge success. Randy Greenmans’s Reality Submission Fighting is one such event. Great fighters from all over the country converged on the Belle Claire Exhibition Center to witness this event. On hand were mixed martial art’s well known names. Fighters like Jens Pulver, Jeremy Horn, Matt Hughes and Steve Berger, special guest referee, were on hand to give support and encouragement. Monte Cox, Gene LaBell, Gokor, and Phyllis Lee were also in attendance to see what Randy Greenman had put together.

Two titles, the Light-heavyweight title and the Bantam weight title, were decided during the event. Alex Stebbling was able to defeat Dennis Reed with an armbar for the light-heavyweight title. Jason Reinhardt defeated Gil Hawkins with an armbar for the bantam weight title.

One sour note for the evening, with just hours left before the event and staying in a motel just five miles away, Dan Severn backed out of his main event fight against Mike Rogers siting health problems. Mike Rogers addressed the crowd at the beginning of the night to let them know about the drop. The event’s promoter, Randy Greenman offered the crowd their money back because of the cancellation of the main event but had few takers. The crowd did, however, boo the fact that Severn was a no show.

The last fight of the night was protracted battle between Chris Lytle and Dave Strasser. It went three rounds and an overtime with the judges declaring the match a draw.

The audience was enthusiastic and knowledgeable. They appreciated the efforts of all the fighters and let them know about it. Comments about the anticipation of the next event were enthusiastic.

You won’t want to miss the next Reality Submission Fighting event in June.


Press Release:

1.)Vance McDonald Win by rear naked Choke against against Jon Thompson

2.)Derek Reed Win by strikes in 14 sec against Chris Torres

3.)Josh Mason Win over Rob Copenhaver

4.)Steve Fulton Win by KO over Derek Tamber-One of NHB greatest Knock outs.

5.)Josh Kaine Win against Chad Davis

6.)Matt Shaw Win against Roger Stiner

7.)Bud Lewis Win by Strikes against Chris Maddox

8.)Jason Rigsby Win By heel hook against Phillip Greathouse. Phillips ankle was injured in the bout, J&J Promotions wish’s him a fast recovery with the injury.

9.)Vance McDonald Wins by Rear Naked choke against Phillip Jones. Vance gave up 70lbs in a DAVID VS GOLIATH bout.It was also his 2nd bout of the night. Vance is a great athlete and has came along way since his debut bout 2 years ago with us.

10.)SUPER FIGHT-HEAVY WEIGHT TITLE BOUT. Jay Massey defended his heavy weight belt against Brian Van De Valle. It was a very action packed fight, with hard strikes and great reversals from both fighters. Jay had to fight his toughest fight in his career last night. Brian Came for the gold, and was very determined to leave with it. Brian beat Jay by an way of an arm bar. Brian had Jays arm around Jays neck as if he was going to try to choke him out, and out of no where brian got an double leg arm bar on Jays other arm and it was enough to make him tap. Brian is by far one of the most aggressive fighters, that has competed for RING OF HONOR. A THANKS GOES OUT TO BRAIN AS OUR NEW HEAVY WEIGHT CHAMPION.

11.)MAIN EVENT Darrell(BULL DOG) SMITH does it again. This is the 2nd time Chris Myers has fought Darrell Smith and both times they go the distance.They bout went 2-rounds plus and over time. Both fighters have great endurance, stamina & Skill.Both fighters could have went another 2-rounds and still had enough strength and endurance to fight again. Both fighters threw heavy strikes and kicks and both fighters are like machines.-Darrell Smith broke his foot kicking Chris in the 2nd round and still continued on. He did not tell his corner or anyone else what had happened until after the bout was over. Chris had a big gash above his eye and still continued to fight. These 2-fighters have such a high pain tolerance that almost nothing will make them tap or submit.They both have allot of PRIDE,DIGNITY, and HONOR, We congratulate both of them for this. Darrell won the bout by Judges decision at the end of the over time.

RING OF HONOR thanks all the fighters who competed at this event and look forward to having all of them coming back and competing in the future. Congratulations to all the fighters who won their bouts and We want to welcome our New Heavy Weight Champion- Brian Van De Valle on his victory, and everyone can not wait to see who his next opponent is going to be.

Thank you, Jeremy Evans

Shocked by Events

By Rick Morrison

We are now into the second week after the disasters in New York and Washington and of the heroic acts of the passengers that brought down the plane in Pennsylvania. The initial shock is starting to wear off but the intensity of my emotions burn as brightly as a star going nova.

Like many other Americans I was busy on my paying job when I heard about what happened in New York City. At first, I thought it was a horrible accident that should never have happened. Then came the reports of the second plane and the crash at the Pentagon. My heart started to race, knowing that we were under attack. I worried about where the President was and how vulnerable he might be.

My thoughts and prayers were with people that were forced to experience the horrible events of that day. I could not even begin to imagine what they were going through. All I knew was that I felt sick and mad as hell!

I travel the Midwest area as a truck driver. I have the opportunity to enjoy our beautiful country and meet large amount of people from many very different walks of life. On the day of the attack, I talked with many people that had the same feelings I did. It didn’t matter who they were, they all had an inderlying rage about what had happened.

The rage has started to subside. It has been replaced with a grim determination to see that the low life, gutter crawling slime behind the attack pay dearly. Every day, I see and hear of that same determination from people all over the world. The world has embraced our determination and joined with us in the condemnation of the attacks. The attacks, while occurring in the United States, were against all the civilized peoples of the world.

The United States will lead the campaign to eradicate the pestilence that is taros. The terrorists solidified the determination and resolve of the strongest nation in the world. Oh, we may argue and debate issues but against terrorism we are united. Japan found out that they had awakened a sleeping giant in 1941.

The attacks, by terrorists on September 11, were the worst the United States has ever experienced. We have been wounded deeply but already we are recovering. It is time to serve notice to all:

Ironheart Crown “Exodus”

Total Success

The transition of the Illinois shows is complete. A clamp down by the Illinois boxing commission to totally wipe out MMA in Illinois has more or less succeeded. Illinois’ prejudicial rulings against MMA have succeeded in bringing the revenue of the shows to Indiana and other states. The last vestige, Ironheart Crown, made it’s way to Hammond, IN on November 10th. Dr. Eric Moon combined his show with local promoter Braulio Corral to present the best Ironheart Crown to date. A crowd of over three thousand fans jammed the Hammond Civic Auditorium for a night of great fights.

The undercard for the night featured regional fighters in tournament competition. Lightweight, Middleweight, and Heavyweight tournaments brought eleven fighters to the ring. A last minute drop, due to sickness, gave one heavyweight fighter a bye.

The lightweight tournament ended with Miguel Torres, East Chicago, IN, taking home the belt after the doctor called the fight due to Steve Reyna’s broken nose.

Joe Paun submitted Herman Reyes with a rear choke to capture the middleweight belt.

It took Stephan Bonnar until the second round to submit Josh Krueger with an armbar for the heavyweight belt.

There was one exhibition match. Kyle Hensgen and Jeremy Morrison met in a rematch from the Chicago Challenge where they had fought for fourteen and a half minutes only to have the fight stopped by the doctor for a cut sustained by Morrison. Both fighters had not fought in a while due to injuries and it showed. Hensgen was able to lock in an armbar for the win at two minutes and eleven seconds into the first round.

The four main events featured three title defenses and one title match for the Ironheart Crown Championships.

Henry Matamoros showed that he could take some punishment and still go after the a submission. Shannon “The Cannon” Rich aggressive ground and pound attack came to a screeching halt when Matamoros locked in the armbar to everyone’s surprise, including Rich’s. It was obvious from outside of the ring that Matamoros was going for an armbar. An unsuccessful attempt was followed immediately another attempt on the same arm but this time Matamoros locked it in. With a scream of pain and frustration, Rich tapped to allow Matamoros to successfully defend his Ironheart Crown Lightweight Belt.

Ironheart’s Middleweight Belt had been vacated by Adrian Serrano. To fill the vacancy, Jay Buck and Bret Al-Azzawi stepped into the ring to decide which one of them would go home with the belt. It was a match where one fighter dominated while the other showed his unwillingness to submit. Jay Buck virtually pounded Al-Azzawi into the mat but Bret just would not give up. He made numerous attempts at a submission that Buck just powered out of. After nine minutes of grueling punishment, Al-Azzawi was forced to submit by a guillotine choke.

Jim Theobald’s defense of his heavyweight title was just what we expected to see. Pre-fight comments by Steve Lauretto had Theobald determined to teach him a lesson. Lauretto’s strong suit was his boxing but he had been cross training in jui-jitsu. Lauretto’s training was no match for Theobald’s experience and agressiveness. On the attack from beginning to end, Theobald dominated with strikes and position. Lauretto giving up his back while trying to escape Theobald’s attack, was an easy target for the rear choke that Jim locked in. Theobald’s successful defense put another mark in the win column in this phenomenal fighter.

Vaughn Palelei showed much more skill and finesse in the defense of his openweight championship than we had expected. In the past, Palelei had used a power attack, driving his opponent to the mat with strikes. His change of tactics surprised his opponent who seemed to be expecting the former. The guillotine choke that submitted Milan Timkovic was well applied in short order.

The Ironheart Crown has grown in prestige in the last three years. It has become the premier mixed martial arts show of the great lakes. We sincerely hope that Dr. Eric Moon continues to bring us great and exciting shows. The show has moved but mixed martial arts has not lost out. It still continues to flourish but from across the border where people put stock in facts, not rumor.

It’s Back To “WIN” Magazine For Me

It is now two months since the fall of the eYada empire. Many people have asked me where I will be going to spread that no-holds-barred news.

Well,I have only a partial answer for them, since my full-time return has not yet been accomplished. Many already know that I have been writing for a number of web sites as well as writing a monthly column for Grappling magazine. I do have some new developments to report, which are based on some old wisdom: sometimes your best friends are your old friends.

As of this week, I will be returning to WBAI radio’s “Lightshow” in New York on 99.5 FM. I will be contributing interviews with top figures from boxing, the mixed martial arts, and real wrestling. Most of these interviews will be prerecorded because of the late hour of this weekly program, which airs late Friday night/early Saturday morning, 3-5 AM Eastern Time.

The first of these interviews broadcast will be with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and mixed martial arts icon Renzo Gracie. It will air late Friday, September 7/early Saturday, September 8, between 4:30 AM and 5.

WBAI is a 50,000 watt, non-commercial station. “Lightshow” is an entertainment show whose main host and producer is Fred Geobold. I was a co-producer on this show from 1993 to 1998, and it was on “Lightshow” that I began coverage of mixed martial arts with interviews of Royce Gracie and Manny Yarbrough prior to UFC III in 1994.

WBAI can also be heard live on the Internet. There are two sites that stream the signal: and At this time broadcasts of “Lightshow” are not archived, but we are working on getting these audio interviews posted somewhere.

In addition, I will also be returning to do reporting and features for Wrestling International Newsmagazine (WIN). I wrote for WIN between 1996 and 1999, covering both mixed martial arts and wrestling, and reporting on events including the 1996 Olympics, the 1998 Goodwill Games, and countless mixed martial arts shows.

My return to WIN will commence with the World Championships of Wrestling, which will be held September 26-29 at Madison Square Garden. I will also be covering that event for Grappling magazine.

It is heartening to hook up again with old friends like these. But my return will likely not be complete until I make some more new ones, so stay tuned for more information.

Intense Combat has published Eddie’s post to inform those who want to keep tabs of this pioneer of Mixed Martial Arts News. We wish Eddie all the luck and hope that he continues reporting to us about the combat arts. He is a refreshingly honest voice in this sport. Large or small, Eddie will stand toe to toe against those that would defile our sport.

Fightzone Finishing The Year With A Bang

Toledo, OH. Dave and Lori Gomez have consistently proved that their abilities to market mixed martial arts to the public are right on the money. Even with bad weather, they still finished up the year with a capacity crowd at the Toledo Sports Arena. The Fightzone presented thirteen bouts that included three title matches and a superfight. The fans were able to see veteran and newcomers alike vying for the chance to raise their arms in victory.
Match #1

This super heavyweight bout between Andy Burwell and Jonathan Ivey started out with Burwell controlling position. At 3:54 in the first round, Ivey, using his upper body strength, powered out of Burwell’s half mount and was able to sink in an heel hook while Burwell was off balance. Burwell was forced to tap.
Match #2

Mike Mackenzie start the match out the aggressor landing multiple strikes ending in dominant position on the ground. Mackenzie tried to go for an ankle lock but Dave Vitkay was able to reverse. Vitkay attempted a smoother that failed. The fighters were stood up for the last few seconds of the first round. Mackenzie slammed Vitkay to the ground landing knees and strikes with no decision.

The second round started with the fighters clinching. Mackenzie used a hip toss to bring Vitkay to the ground and gaining mount. Vitkay tried to reverse the position but Mackenzie was able to get Vitkay’s back. Mackenzie forced the tap with a rear naked choke at 1:23.
Match #3

Jake Short stunned Dave Madera with a body slam followed by multiple strikes and knees. Referee stopped the fight because Madera was not defending. Official ruling was TKO at 1:30 in the first round.
Match #4

Quinn Valley made, at least, four triangle attempts that Jason Bender was able to escape. Bender was able to execute a couple of slams on Valley.

The second round had Valley still attempting triangles and Bender escaping. Bender weighed in as the aggressor with Valley biding his time waiting for Bender to make a mistake. Valley attempting more triangles but could never lock one in.

Quinn Valley got the judges decision over Jason Bender. The submission attempts were the deciding factor.
Match #5

This exciting match between Travis Wright and Chad Washburn had the crowd on its feet the whole fight. Both fighters were very aggressive at the beginning of the first round. It finally settled down with Wright in Washburn’s guard. Wright able to land a few strikes. A triangle attempt by Washburn failed.

The second round was hard fought by both fighters. Wright maintained the superior position through most of the round.

Travis Wright by Unanimous Decision
Match #6

This match was the perfect example of, young and aggressive, against ,experienced and patient.

Mike Large came out of his corner hungry and took the fight to, the veteran, Dave Knaggs. Knaggs having to give ground to protect against the onslaught. Large attack was strong but reckless. Knaggs was able to attempt two submission when Large left himself open. By 1:30 in the first round it was evident that Large had a wind problem. Large continue the attack backing up Knaggs into the corner. Large, thinking that a win was within his reach, increased his attack in the corner. He made that fatal mistake that rookies make in the heat of battle. He underestimated his opponent at the end. Knaggs was able to move away and land a devastating strike that buckled Large’s knees. Knaggs moved in for the finish and with just a few more strikes, the referee stopped the fight.

Dave Knaggs was declared the winner by knockout at 3:25 in the first round.
Match #7

Tom Kirk, a newcomer to mma out of Indianapolis, gave the veteran Jason Ireland all he could handle throughout the entire fight. Kirk’s hunger to win and raw strength had Ireland defending from the first bell. Kirk drove Ireland into the corner and forcing him into a tight package that prevented any offensive moves. To Ireland’s credit, experience allowed him to defend and deflect virtually all of Kirk’s strikes.

The second round had more of the same but Kirk was starting to wear down and Ireland stepped up him offensive moves. Kirk seemed to want to stay standing while Ireland was maneuvering for a position to allow him throw Kirk. Ireland landed some good Thai kicks that Kirk seemed to absorb without damage. Best position of the night came as Ireland was able to pin Kirk’s arms and land multiple strikes to the head. They were starting to effect Kirk when the bell rang ending the fight.

The judges, unable to come to a decision, proclaimed a majority draw.
Match #8

Eddie Sanchez’s dominated position through most of his fight against Brad Burrick. Burrick seemed to be waiting for Sanchez to leave himself open enough to land a, fight finishing, strike or kick. Sanchez never gave Burrick the chance. Staying close and working for position and submission, Sanchez dominated the fight.

In a split decision, Eddie Sanchez was given the win.
Light Heavyweight Title Match

The Light Heavyweight Title Match was completely dominated by Brendan Seguin. Joey Guel was punished for three rounds. Seguin, while spending most of his time in Guel’s guard, rained strikes down Guel seemingly at will. It was Guel’s stamina and determination that kept this fight from ending early. Though Guel was not able to mount an offense of his own, one could tell that he was always looking for that opening.

On this night, it was all Seguin. The decision of the judges was unanimous.
Match #10

The war between Jason Myers and Eric Pelt was the most exciting fight of the night. Evenly matched in both talent and hunger to win, these two fighters gave everything they had for two rounds. From the beginning it had all the ear marks of a standup fight. Pelt seemed to want punish, passing up some good opportunities for submission, in favor of throwing more strikes.

Myers, more rounded, maneuvered for position but when the time came for an exchange of strikes, Myers was able to go toe to toe.

There was absolutely no dominate fighter and the judges declared a majority draw.
Super Fight

Dave Gardner did exactly what he had to in his fight against Dan Gilbert. Gilbert, known for his superior wrestling abilities, was knocked completely out of his game plan with the unrelenting attack of Gardner. For three rounds, Gardner pounded Gilbert into the mat, never allowing Gilbert position or rest.

The judges came to the unanimous decision that Dave Gardner was the winner of the match.
Super Flyweight Title Match

Dan Swift made quick work of Sean Bonner gaining the submission with a hanging armbar. A stunned crowd couldn’t believe that the fight was over so fast. Dan celebrated with his people in the ring as the belt was secured around his waist.
Lightweight Title Match

This three round Lightweight Title Match allowed the crowd to stay in their seats. Position was dominated entirely by Anthony Hamlet but, he couldn’t seem to doing anything with it against Steve Hallock. There was some close quarter work but nothing that did any damage to either fighter.

The judges gave Hamlett the decision and the belt.

The Fightzone has truly become one of the best shows the great lakes has to offer. Each one of these shows is better than the next. The shows give not only the veteran but, the novice fighter alike, the opportunity test their skills in a controlled environment.

The crowds have steadily gotten larger allowing more frequent competitions. The next show will be on February 28, 2003 at the Toledo Sports Arena. Hard hitting action is always on the Fightzone card. DON’T MISS IT!

Danger Zone at Broadripple Place

The Danger Zone has found a consistent location for their amateur tournaments. Broadripple Place has hosted the event three times now. Each show growing in crowd size and enthusiasm.

The amateur fighters that have showed up are hungry for an win. They showed absolutely no lack of enthusiasm or willingness to go all out in pursuit of a victory. This edition of “Fight Night at Broadripple Place” presented the crowd with different abilities and characters of fighters.

The largest tournament for the night was the 135 LB – 150 LB class.

Truc Nguyen was not ready for John Fraser’s attack. The ref stopped the fight for no defense 38 seconds into the first round. A stunned Nguyen was lead back to his corner.

Saving energy, John Fraser took out Dustin Blaskie in 39 seconds by locking in a triangle choke.

Mike Rooney had the shortest fight of the night. He locked in a triangle choke when Mike Miller shot in and didn’t protect his head.

The final had Rooney jumping up to get Fraser’s back to attempt a rear choke. Fraser worked out of it to attempt an armbar of his own. Rooney escaped the armbar. A reverse by Fraser ended in Rooney getting a triangle lock for the tap.
The 190 LB – 210 LB tournament had only three combatants.
Tyson Wells and Aaron Miller had a slugfest going. The ground work was slow and was stood up more that once. Wells got a guillotine choke on Miller while on the ground and held on for the tap.

Joel Blanton fought Layne McDaniels for the heavyweight final when Wells couldn’t answer the bell. McDaniels took the fight at the last minute to give Blanton some competition for the trophy. It was McDaniels second fight of the night. Blanton was able to overpower McDaniels and lay in a choke from side control.

There were five single amateur matches.

Kurt Illeman won his fight against Kory Kildurn when he landed a kick to the head that stunned and dropped Kildurn. He followed up the kick with punches until the ref stopped the fight declaring a TKO.

Layne McDaniels had a hard time escaping the guillotine choke that Steve McCabe seem to have locked in tight but, escape he did. Taking the fight to the ground McDaniels worked from McCabe’s guard to side mount then turning McCabe and getting his back. Clamping in the Rear Choke was just a routine matter.

Dan Lamping immediately took his fight with Chris Herring to the ground putting Herring in his guard. After being stood up, Lamping got in two good strikes that had Herring stunned enough for the ref to stop the fight.

A strong punch by Robert Bridges totally stunned Dave Morris but he was able to recover before Bridges could close. Bridges continued his striking offense but it looked better than it actually was. At the end, Bridges went wide with a punch that left his arm exposed and that was all Morris needed. The armbar was locked in immediately for the tap.

A prediction by Nathan McCabe of a quick knockout was soon forgotten when he met up with Dave Dillon. McCabe had quick hands that did land some good strikes but Dillon was able to continue to close with McCabe. On the ground, McCabe continued his striking but not landing very many of his blows. Dillon showed patience trying different submission attempts that McCabe powered out of easily at the beginning. As time went by, it took longer and more effort for McCabe to get out of the submission attempts. McCabe’s constant barrage of strikes eventually took their toll on Dillon when finally in the second round a bleeding broken nose forced the ref to stop the fight and the doctor confirmed that the fight was over. This was, in our opinion, the best fight of the night.

The main event was a pro matchup pitting Dan Swift, Erie, PA, against Josh Mason, Peru, IN. Swift was the aggressor in this fight. Mason came out flat and stayed that way. The energetic aggression that we have come to expect out of Mason was not there at all. Mason, trying to get away from Swift’s strikes, gave Swift the opportunity for an armbar and he locked it in for the win.

Although the show in Fort Wayne is a relatively small one, the Danger Zone staff still works it like a large venue show. Planning for almost all contingencies, DZ puts on a great show that the crowds enjoy and return to. The next show is planned for June 2, 2002. If you are in the area, stop by and watch some great amateur fighters.

inkE’s Proving Ground

inkE's Proving Ground

HIGHLAND, IN–For a small local show, FinkE’s Full Contact Challenge is fast becoming a proving ground for up and coming fighters. Promoter, Braulio Corral, has been able to book some talent from outside of the area. They seem to want to test newly learned skills or just stay in fighting shape between major events.

Keith Hackney, Hackney’s Reality Combat, has been on hand to test new fighters from his school. Shonie Carter has taken time out of his busy schedule to bring in a new fighter to test his skills.

This month was no different. Fighters from as far away as Pittsburgh, PA were on hand to try their skills. Lansing, MI was also well represented this night.

Local favorites like Miguel Torres, East Chicago, IN, and Dan Sullivan, Valparaiso, IN, made their presence known with decisive wins. In the advanced rules fights, Sam Wells, Lansing, MI, and Cris Custer, Pittsburgh, PA, showed strong striking skills in their wins.

This monthly event has turned into a guaranteed night of MMA action. The crowd has become knowledgeable and appreciates the fighters efforts. We recommend a visit to FinkE’s on the last Monday of every month to either try your skill or to encourage others in their efforts.

Intensity in Racine

RACINE, WI–Less than twenty four hours after his battle with Chris Lytle, just outside of St. Louis, Dave Strasser played host to the Freestyle Combat Challenge held at Memorial Hall. Fighting the torrential rains, fighters and fans alike migrated toward the hall securely anchored on the Lake Michigan coast.

The intensity of the fighters was contagious. Screaming and cheering, the crowd seemed to become part of the matches held within the squared circle. Like an extra corner man, the audience shouted encouragement and suggestions throughout the entire event.

In the fourth fight of the evening, fighters, Adam Palmer and Dan Hart, had a war reminiscent of the old bare-knuckle fights. Neither fighter giving any quarter nor expecting any. With only minor cuts and abrasions that spread a small amount of blood a long way, the intensity was maintained from start to finish. The fight ended with a split decision giving Dan Hart the win.

Veterans, Matt Hughes and Adrian Serrano showed why they are considered champions by dominating their matches. Matt Hughes dominated in his fight against Bruce Nelson and brought the fight to an end with strikes for the tap. Adrian, confronted with a much stronger opponent in Jason Allar, was forced to rely on his grappling expertise to get Jason’s back and dominate from there with strikes.

Though lacking polish, Freestyle Combat Championships showed all the ear marks of a well run show. The polish, in this instant, was not necessary. It would have only gotten in the way of this very intense competition.

Mixed martial arts competitions continue to increase in quality in the midwest. FreeStyle Combat Championships is one of the premier events in Southern Wisconsin. It should be on everyone’s list of must see events.

Lightning Strikes Twice

KOKOMO, IN–Last year, Donnie Michaels brought us the first Cage Rage in Kokomo and surprised everyone with a well organized and exciting show. A crowd of over 1600 watched Kokomo’s first mixed martial arts show.

This year Donnie hooked up with partner, Terry Gruel. The combined effort proved to be even more of a success. Cage Rage II at the Johanning Civic Center was packed with a paid attendance of over 2500 screaming fans of mixed martial arts. On hand to lend their support to the event was Mark Coleman, Jason Godsey, Kevin Randleman, Adrian Serrano, and Dan Severn.

Lightning Strikes Twice

The audience was treated to four four-man tournaments, 3 single matches, an ISCF Indiana State Amateur Middleweight Title match, and two super fights featuring veterans of Pancrase, Hook-N-Shoot, and Danger Zone.

The first superfight was a match up between Jake Ambrose, Total Combat winner, and Chris Lytle, Pancrase and Hook-N-Shoot veteran. Chris took charge from the beginning with side control and raining hard lefts to Jake’s head seemingly at will. Jake defended but was overcome by strikes at 3:15 into the first round and had to tap.

The second superfight was a war between strength and stubbornness. Tony Ross, Pancrase Veteran, and Pat Heidenreich, Danger Zone Veteran, fought for three rounds, a total of fifteen minutes. Tony dominated from the top position pummeled Pat with strikes and kicks that would have any normal fighter tapping in seconds.

Pat Heidenreich is not your normal fighter! He is warrior with the determination to win regardless of how much punishment he has to endure. Pat was always trying to find that one opening that would give him the advantage over Ross. Unfortunately for Pat, Tony Ross never gave away the opening needed for the win.

In a unanimous decision, Tony Ross was declared the winner of the fight. The two fighters congratulated each other and even took time for a picture together before leaving the ring.

In the ISCF, International Sport Combat Federation, Indiana State Amatuer Middleweight Title match, Todd Kiser, Muncie, IN, won the match by knockout three minutes in to the first round. His opponent, Chad Wagoner, Kokomo, IN, lost consciousness momentarily from a knee to the head and the referee stopped the fight. Adrian Serrano, representing ISCF, made the belt presentation to Kiser.

Controversy erupted in the heavyweight tournament finals when, after tapping Arron Sullivan with a keylock, Nate Buris was disqualified by referee, Eugene Talbott, when he did not break immediately when Sullivan tapped. Talbott had made no physical attempt to separate the two intense fighters other than to put a hand on Buris to get his attention. Buris did release after a second spoken communication by Talbott. A Poor decision on the referee’s part and an over passionate appeal by Buris’ corner lead to a verbal confrontation between Mark Coleman and Eugene Talbott.

Nate Buris, who trains out of the Hammer House, was cornered by Mark Coleman and Kevin Randleman. Coleman took extreme exception to the disqualification, loudly, arguing that you have to physically break up the combatants. He noted that Talbott had his background in Karate not NHB and that traditional rules did not apply. Coleman said, “This is not a point Karate tournament. It is the real thing and intense fighters sometimes need to be physically separated at the end of the fight. The referee is using ‘Point Karate’ standards in a NHB fight. While being honorable, they are not practical in the heat of battle that is NHB.” Mark felt that Talbott should have reversed his decision once he realized his mistake.
Lightning Strikes Twice

The argument was totally verbal but it had security on their toes for a potential break out of hostilities. Adequate security was able to keep everyone separated and the incident soon settled down enough for the night to continue.

We noted a return to the ring of Carlos “The Rock” Perez , Merrillville, IN, after an injury had sidelined him since last November. Carlos won a split decision over Rus Johnson, Kokomo, IN.

One of the most exciting fights of the night was a single match between Josh Mason, Peru, IN, and Miguel Torres, East Chicago, IN. Mason’s aggressive strength based attack against Torres’ patient punishment, ready to pounce, style made for a great fight.

Josh Mason came out charging from the beginning and shot in to take Torres down. Torres was able to get Mason in his guard and fight off any attempts at submission all the while landing axe heels to the back of Mason’s butt and legs. Any pause or hesitation, on Mason’s part, was taken advantage of immediately with a reverse by Torres.

It came to an end when Torres was able to sink a triangle choke that he had been working on most of the second round. With just 20 seconds left in the second round, Mason was forced to tap due to lack of oxygen.

Later that night, at the after-fight party, Josh and Miguel were at the pool table laughing and shooting pool. Josh said, “Miguel kicked my ass in the ring but I’m going to kick his on the pool table.”

Ultimate Athlete’s “The Genesis”


Hammond, IN Ultimate Athlete, the newest addition to the mixed martial arts news, made it’s maiden voyage into fight promotion with “The Genesis” at the Hammond Civic Center in Hammond, IN. UA went all out to bring the public an audio and visual extravaganza that they would not soon forget. A combined card of local and national fighters brought interest from all over the country.

Ultimate Athlete's "The Genesis"

Ultimate Athlete gave this area the most extravagant production we have ever seen at a mixed martial competition. The quality of bouts along with the presentation raised the bar of expectation for future events in the area. It will be hard for local promoters to better or even match UA’s “The Genesis” event.

With the help of Paul Erickson from Texas Mixed Martial Arts the following are descriptions of the fights that night. All bouts had a format of 3 rounds of minutes each.

Light Heavyweight Bout: Stephan Bonnar Vs. Jay Massey: Bonnar by Guillotine, 1:09 Round 1. Bonnar didn’t have it at first, but adjusted and used his legs to push away properly and it was all over for Massey.

Lightweight Bout: Cedric Stewart Vs. Virgil Strzelecki: Strzelecki by decision. Stewart looked like he was about to have a shoulder separation several times from a deep chicken wing by Strzelecki. Stewart was either extremely flexible or in possession of an inhuman pain tolerance.

Light Heavyweight Bout: Josh Krueger Vs. Roberto Ramirez: KO, :35 Round 1. Ramirez was a last minute replacement. Krueger fired a right low kick and Ramirez fired an overhand right counter right up the pipe and Krueger fell flat on his behind against the ropes. Krueger argued he was not KO’ed, but most at ringside agreed with the referee’s judgment.

Lightweight Bout: Cole Escovedo Vs. Bart Palaszewski: Escovedo by tapout, 2:10 Round 1. Escovedo had Palaszewski in a triangle/armbar combo from guard that Palaszewski was defending somewhat, but Escovedo began nailing him in the head with hammerfists from his free hand. The combo of the triangle, armbar, and getting hit in the head all at the same time overwhelmed Palaszewski’s ability to defend and he tapped.

Heavyweight Bout: Aaron Brink Vs. Vaughan Palelei: Brink by KO, 1:33 Round 1. Brink nailed Palelei with one right hand that dropped him to the ground in buttscoot position, and immediately dove down from standing and nailed him with a clean follow-up shot to the head that put Palelei out. Brink had a lot more experience and it showed.

Middleweight Bout: Jay Buck Vs. Eddy Rolon: Buck by unanimous decision. Buck’s ground and pound was overpowering, Rolon took a beating but fought hard all the way. Rolon could not contain Buck whenever Buck would rear up into base from Eddy’s guard to create space and throw bombs… Buck connected with a lot of good shots, tattooing Rolon’s head and face.

Lightweight Bout: Jeff Curran Vs. Max Marin: Curran by Triangle, 3:46 Round 2. Marin was super aggressive, but in the end Curran’s BJJ skills put Marin into one triangle after another. After several gutsy escapes from the triangle, Marin finally tapped to one last triangle from a persistent Curran.

Light Heavyweight Main Event: Jim Theobald Vs. Homer Moore: Draw. Theobald scored some standing up but could never really get anything going from the bottom, and Moore did little more than take Theobald down and do some token ground and pound. Theobald negated Moore’s offense but could not get past his balance and strength.

Welterweight Main Event: Pete Spratt Vs. Steve Berger: Berger by cut stoppage, 2:14 Round 1. Fairly even and had the makings of a classic war up until Berger connected with a knee from the clinch that stunned Spratt and opened a serious cut on the bridge of his nose. Of note also was that Spratt connected with by far the loudest and most painful sounding leg kicks of the night.

We thank Ultimate Athlete for selecting the Midwest to act as host to their first promotion. We wish them well on their next endeavor in California. Hopefully, they will visit us again in the future.

Extreme Warriors

Extreme Warriors
LaSalle, IL. Just when you think that a show can’t get much bigger something happens that it does. This is what has happened at the Silverback’s Classic in LaSalle, IL. Each time it is held, the Illinois Valley Banquet Center is forced to open up another section of the building to accommodate the crowd. A standing room only crowd was on hand to witness another of Phil John’s successful shows.

The combination of Ironman Boxing, a variation on Tough Man, and good mixed martial arts matches has been great for spectators. It has given people the opportunity to witness mixed martial arts first hand and make their own judgment as to the validity of the sport. By the size of the crowds, mixed martial arts has been whole heartily accepted.

The first fight of the night pitted Jimmy “The Wild Cat” Bruketta, Canton, IL, against, Wisconsin fighter, Ryan Ackerman. From start to finish both fighters were constantly moving with submission attempts and strikes. The fighters were closely matched with the edge going to Ackerman. Ackerman controlled most of the action and was more on the offense throughout the fight. That didn’t detract from Bruketta’s attempts at submission.

In the second round, Ackerman had to escape from three good submission attempts by Bruketta. Ackerman’s striking kept him in the dominate position for most of the round.

The third round was more of the same. Ackerman took the fight to the ground. Bruketta missed an armbar attempt. Ackerman gained side control and then half mount, striking the whole time. Never giving up, Bruketta forced the fight to go to decision. Ryan Ackerman was declared the winner by unanimous decision.

Robert Wynne and Eric Gwaltney clashed in a fast paced fight. After feeling each other out, Gwaltney went in for the take down and got side control. Wynne tapped when Gwaltney started landing knees to the body.

The fight between Pat Ballard and Jason Stransky was a slug fest from start to finish. It only took 1:29 for Stransky to score a TKO from strikes.

The final fight of the evening put Joe Pearson and Rick Olson together for a war of championship determination. Both fighters were quite capable on their feet as well as on the ground. Olson’s submission attempts were thwarted by Pearson’s superior strength. It was only Olson’s technical ability that kept Pearson from submitting him.

In the end, even the judges could not decide which fighter was better. After three grueling rounds, the fight was declared a draw.

The results for all the fights are listed on our results page.

The production was what we have come to expect out of Phil Johns. Well organized with all personnel knowing what their jobs entailed. Phil tries to get his shows started as close to on time as possible and he has succeeded. The show ran smoothly with planned breaks for the crowd. The audience was enthusiastic and knowledgeable, They appreciated the performance by all the fighters and let them know it.

If you have the chance to witness one of Phil’s shows, spend the money, you won’t be disappointed.

Freestyle Combat Challenge 7

Intensity! That one word comes to mind when talking about the Dave Strasser’s “Freestyle Combat Challenge.” He has been able to consistantly put together matches between fighters that are agressive and hungry for a win.

March 23rd’s show lived up to that word and more. With a standing room only crowd of over 500, the first fighters made their way to the ring. Drinking in the enthusiasm of the crowd, the combatants were lifted to a new height of readiness. The anticipation for that first bell grew with each passing second.

Freestyle Combat Challenge 7

The first fight was a forty three second collision between Ron Faircloth, Madison, WI and Robert Duffy, Oak Creek, WI. Faircloth bore into Duffy like a runaway freight train. Duffy was stunned by the deluge of strikes from Faircloth and was helpless when Ron took him down. A few more strikes was all it took to finish off Duffy.

The fight between 48 year old, Jeff Gummringer, Fargo, ND, and Scott Malicott, Roscoe, IL, was a three round grueling war that had Malicott fighting and up hill battle. Gummringer started the first round getting the advantage on Malicott a maintaining it through out. It was only Malicott determined defense that kept Gummringer from taking the fight to a submission in the first round.

The second round showed a little more even with Malicott achieving half mount and scoring with strikes. Gummringer was eventually able to reverse and do a little damage of his own.

Almost all of the third round went to Gummringer but Malicott continually fought off any submission hold. Malicott was unable to get much going in the third resulting in Gummringer getting the decision.

Once again, explosive action brought the third fight to conclusion in just 26 seconds. Paul Compton, Racine, WI, punched his way to victory over Josh Stamp, Cedar Falls, WI.

Although Aaron Raftery, Antioch, IL, dominated most of the fight against Dan Hart, Roscoe, IL, Hart was impressive. For three grueling rounds Hart showed he had the heart of a lion. Absorbing an enormous amount of strikes, Hart would then come back and stun the crowd with superior judo throws and enormous strength that had Raftery flying through the air. Raftery’s relentless attack kept Hart at a disadvantage. Hart, not able to put enough together to achieve superiority, finally succumbed in the third round from knees to the head.

The fifth fight pitted two lightweights, Chris Nelson, Fargo, ND, and Mustafa Hussain, Chicago, IL, in a wild punching match. Nelson was able to stun Hussain early but it only seemed to wake Hussain up. From that point forward, Hussain constantly rained strikes with out stopping. Nelson had good submission attempts but didn’t protect against the constant striking on Hussain. The constant onslaught of punches proved to be too much for Nelson and forced him to tap.
Freestyle Combat Challenge 7

Justin Weiman’s, Roscoe, IL, strength and flexibility showed to be the deciding factor in his win over Dion DiCello, Kenosha, WI. Weiman was able to lock in a triangle choke for the win.

Jason Allar’s, Waukesha, WI, hard head didn’t help him this time against Soloman Hutchenson, Racine, WI. Allar’s reputation of being able to absorb any and all punches showed in this fight. Hutchenson’s constant strikes seemed to be ineffectual but there was a method to his madness. After over three minutes of constant punching, Hutchenson paused and reversed position to get Allar’s back. It was only a matter of seconds before he had Allar in a rear choke that forced him to tap.

The superheavy weight fight between Ben Rothwell, Kenosha, WI and Mike Priest, Mukwonago, WI, was short lived. After a short clash in the center of the ring, Priest was force to tap when stomach muscle cramps hampered his ability to fight.

The shortest fight of the night had Nick Agallar, Racine, WI, exploding out of his corner to continually piston punch Mike Blegin, Cedar Falls, WI, driving him to the mat and the tap. The entire fight lasted 17 seconds.

The last fight of the evening was a lesson in quiet patience. The Lightweight Championship ended in decision after three grueling rounds. Ryan Ackerman, Mukwonago, WI, was the agressor throughout the fight. Sam Wells, Lansing, MI, was able to virtually negate all of Ackerman’s offense. Quietly waiting to Ackerman to make a mistake, Wells was able to almost knockout Ackerman in the second round. Wells was able to lock in good submissions only to be thwarted by Ackerman’s strength, allowing him to power out. It was Wells that impressed the judges enough to get the decision. While a large part of the crowd seemed to feel that Ackerman had won because of his agression those that were better informed understood the decision and agreed that Wells had won.About half way through the show, fighter Pat O’Malley was called to the ring along with his son Dallas. It seems that earlier that day, Dallas O’Malley won the state wrestling championship for his age and weight group. When asked if he was interested in mixed martial arts he said, “Yes, my dad is starting to teach me. It will be a while but I will eventually get in the ring.” The proud father, Pat O’Malley, is a well known mixed martial artist in the region has won at numerous events and is known for his explosive agression.

Dave Strasser should be proud of what he put together. The show ran like clockwork. Glitches from past shows were rectified making for a excellent production.

Dave’s next show will be September 28, 2002. You won’t want to miss it. We won’t!

Cage Rage III

Through all changes that have happened over the last few months, it is good to see that at least one thing remains the same. The consistency of Cage Rage in Kokomo to give us good and exciting shows has remained. Terry Gruel and Donnie Michaels have once again presented a well organized show with good match ups.

Cage Rage III

Five belts were on the line including a title defense by the ISCF Indiana State Middleweight Champion, Todd Kiser. The other titles, Lightweight, Middleweight, Light Heavyweight, and Heavyweight, were decided by four-man tournaments. Combatants from all over the Midwest were there to test their skills.

Present to advise their fighters and to greet the crowd were Mark “The Hammer” Coleman, Dan “The Beast” Severn and Becky Levi. All the celebrities were more than happy to sign autographs and pose for pictures with, 1600 plus, members of the audience.

The crowd at Kokomo has been enthusiastic and knowledgeable at past events and this one was no exception. All the fighters received big welcomes when they were introduced. The crowd nearly exploded with cheers after each fight, showing their appreciation for the effort exhibited.

Mark Coleman’s ‘Hammer House’ was well represented with Scott Shipman, Columbus, OH, winning the Cage Rage Light-Heavyweight title and Nate Burris, Columbus, OH, winning his superfight against Fort Wayne native, Tim Heidenrich.

Jason Godsie’s Integrated Fighting showed well with Chris Jones’, Indianapolis, IN, capturing of the Middleweight Title. Aaron Sullivan, Indianapolis, IN, handly won his match against Jeremy Brown, Delphi, IN.

The Cage Rage personnel knew what to do and how to do it. They should be commended for the job they did. The show ran a little long but with the amount of fights presented, it was expected. Our only suggestion would be to spread out short intermissions rather than take just two very long ones.

The date for next Cage Rage has not been set but we are looking forward to being there when it arrives. Watch for it in our calendar of events.